NASA Creates History: First Ever All-Woman Spacewalk on October 21

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Earlier in March this year, NASA revealed that they are planning to launch Christina Koch and Anne McClain for the first-ever all-woman spacewalk. But later we came to know that NASA doesn’t have enough spacesuits.

The good news is that NASA is going to make history on October 21. Koch and Jessica Meir are getting ready to explore the International Space Station. This spacewalk is one of the 10 spacewalks NASA is set to perform this year.

When NASA got Criticized 

all woman spacewalk by nasa

Back in March, NASA replaced a man for McClain as there was no spacesuit available to accommodate both Koch and McClain. It is not an easy task to increase the size of a spacesuit. Due to microgravity, the body grows taller in a quick time.

Many questions and criticisms raised by people pointing to the male dominant industry. If they had considered women during the planning stage, sizing would have been an easy thing to deal with.

Two medium-sized spacesuits are ready for this month’s spacewalk is what Kirk Shireman had to say. In ISS, NASA astronauts are replacing nickel-hydrogen batteries with lithium-ion batteries since 2017.

Koch and McClain are flying to ISS

Once the replacement work is done, more spacewalks will be conducted to overhaul the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. It is a scientific instrument specially designed to find dark matter and anti-matter.

In a recent press conference, Shireman said that NASA is planning things for the next 2 years. They are planning to send more medium suit people to ISS. This came as a surprise because NASA always sends a specific crew to ISS again and again.

First Time in History

In NASA’s history, around 500 people have gone to space and explored. Out of that, only 11% percent are women. But this trend is gonna change sooner because more women are gonna venture into space.

First in history: all woman spacewalk

In a recent interview, Koch and McClain expressed their happiness about being selected for the spacewalk. They said that this move by NASA will encourage the women community to come forward and venture into space bravely.


NASA never fails to amaze us with their initiatives. This spacewalk by women is gonna change the way women are seen in this space industry. Koch and McClain would be the happiest women alive. They truly deserve it for the hard work they did prior to this event.

If you are really excited to watch the live coverage of Spacewalk scheduled on October 21, then tune in NASA TV at 6.30 AM (EST).


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