Facebook Group Moderators: The Need Of The Hour

Facebook Group Moderators

Facebook gave a suggestion to all of its group admins to add people of different colours to their group as Facebook Group Moderators.

Facebook has gotten into so many troubles with its employees as it neglected to act upon the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. This broke the trust which the employees had over the company.

They raised various questions about why black people aren’t given definitive positions in the company. Since then, Facebook is trying hard to put forth its support towards the issue in every way possible.

Adding group members from different races seems like a viable option. This post would explain the reasons behind this decision and its impacts.

The Reasons Behind This

The Reasons Behind This

On account of this issue, Trump posted a tweet which became problematic. The tweet mentioned that Trump wouldn’t hesitate to shoot the people if they don’t stop looting.

He also assured the politicians that the military is with them. If the situation doesn’t seem to be settling, they have full power to take any serious actions.

Even after its workers insisted, Facebook chose to not take any action on Trump’s tweet. This is because Facebook believes that everyone has the right to voice out their opinion.

Zuckerberg personally said that he didn’t want to take actions because he wanted people to see it with their own eyes. But his decision gave rise to other problems within the company.

Facebook’s employees never turned up for their work. They walked out from their job roles to extend their support to the movement.

The Issue Between Admins And Members

Facebook started giving suggestions to all the group admins. It asked them to facilitate healthy conversations about race and inequality.

Groups are very important for Facebook’s business strategy. But the members of the group never actually have the authority. If the content they post seems political, the admins might delete it.

This is no different from the ‘black lives matter’ movement. Admins do not seem to be supporting posts which point to the movement. This is causing problems between the admins and the members.

Members chose to walk out from the groups. Not to forget that some of these members might have stayed in the group for years.

Large groups are not starting to narrow down into small splinter groups. Some Facebook groups have completely shut down.

Who Exactly Are Facebook Group Moderators?

Who Exactly Are Facebook Group Moderators?

To stop this from happening, Facebook proposes a solution. It requests the admins to add members from diverse colour backgrounds into their group.

This would pave way for a lot of healthy arguments. To support Facebook group moderators, the rules on post deletion are also getting revised.

Admins need not delete all the posts which relate to a political issue. Facebook has released a list of posts that can stay.

It also requests the admins to stay educated about new issues. Admins should keep supporting and uplifting the members of the group.


Facebook has made this decision in order to support the oppressed. This would save the members of the black race from the feeling that they are alone and left out.

Having such sensitive conversations in the group is not easy. But it is the right thing to do and the admins must start doing this. They must start listening to the Facebook group moderators and value their opinions.

They must be ready to accept posts that are awakening and approve them before they go live.


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