Elon Musk Tweets F-150 vs Cybertruck Battle Video

Recently Elon Musk tweeted F-150 vs Cybertruck Battle Video. He also unveiled Tesla’ Cybertruck and showed a video that surprised the tech world. In a tug of war, Cybertruck defeated F-150 and everyone started making statements. What they say is Cybertruck is way more powerful with high-end specifications. 

On the other hand, Ford F-150 is comparatively low on specifications. As Cybertruck is advanced and has more grip. Ultimately Cybertruck pulled F-150 to its zone and won the battle. Though it is not a fair battle, a win is a win.

F-150 vs. Cybertruck: What People Say

Many people started saying this is not a fair competition and this triggered Elon Musk to break the silence. Ford F-150 is a rear-wheel-drive model and it could not match up with Cybertruck which is an all-wheel-drive model. 

F-150 comes with STX package which houses EcoBoost V6 engine which lighter compared to Cybertruck. The head start of Tesla’s Cybertruck is way ahead of Ford F-150. 

Elon Musk tweeted the video and showed his Cybertruck’s victory. This would have created waves in Ford. I expected a powerful tweet from Ford and it happened. Sunny Madra, Vice president of Ford X gave a fitting reply and started a heated argument by having a go at Elon Musk. 

Here’s the tweet:

Elon Musk replied with a powerful tweet saying “bring it on”. The controversial tug of war video shooked the world and made us think that why Elon Musk shared it in social media. 

Re-match Expectation 

Everybody is waiting to see the re-match F-150 vs Cybertruck. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen. So many blogs reported that even a re-match is unfair because Cybertruck is high on specifications. An expert from motor said that Cybertruck has more traction and it has higher chances of winning in re-match. 

tug of war

Apples to apples is a treat for tesla and ford fans. We have to wait and see the epic battle which is going to happen anytime soon. Cybertruck mass production is expected to be started by 2022. If Cybertruck loses the re-match, then the reputation of tesla will take a beating for sure. 


There is a safe route that Tesla will take if it loses in the battle. They might say that they will work on improving the vehicle before starting mass production. On the other hand, Ford has nothing to lose because they have already lost as per video. 

Stay tuned for re-match schedule and further updates. If possible, we will try to broadcast the live match. 


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