Elon Musk On Clubhouse – Everything You Need To Know!

Elon Musk’s surprise debut on the social media platform Clubhouse has caused quite a buzz among the netizens. While there were many who tried to join and listen to Elon Musk on Clubhouse, not everyone was lucky to be there.

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX has always been active on social media platforms. While many of us thought nothing could replace his love for Twitter, guess there is a competitor here.

Yes, we are talking about Clubhouse, the audio-only and a rather strangely exclusive social media platform. As soon as the news of him joining Clubhouse went viral, people were desperate to get an invitation to join Clubhouse.

Yes, that’s why Clubhouse is strangely exclusive – you can’t join this platform until and unless you have an invitation. So if you too want to know what all happened there, then hop on, we are here to help you know everything that there is to know!

What is Clubhouse?

Elon Musk On Clubhouse - Everything You Need To Know - Infomance

Clubhouse is your go-to social media platform if you want to have conversations with people in real-time, actually using your voice. Audio is an aspect of socializing which no one has exploited very much on several other social media platforms until Clubhouse came along.

Although it’s becoming the hot app in coming days, it’s not open to everyone. That’s right, this app is exclusive for those who have an invitation to join or those who are iPhone users.

So if there is someone who is already on the app, that person can send no more than one invite to someone else to join this app. Once the person has joined this app after some time, they get one free invitation to send out as well.

As of now, Clubhouse creators are trying to make this app available for everyone, but this might take some time. So now that we know all about what Clubhouse is, are you ready to know what all Elon Musk did there?

Elon Musk on Clubhouse

Elon Musk On Clubhouse - Everything You Need To Know - infomance

It was on the Sunday night when Elon Musk joined the Good Time Show and talked about a wide range of things.

From Mars to monkeys, as Elon Musk opened up, his fans clamoured to hear him speak and soon enough the 5000-limit for Clubhouse chat-rooms was reached.

The Good Time Show is a regular late-night event on Clubhouse where successful people often talk about a variety of topics. Elon Musk, who is famous for his outspoken and robust public interview, of course, talked about everything under the sun and got his fans hooked.

So what are we starting from? Mars of course.

Elon Musk on Mars

Elon Musk On Clubhouse - Everything You Need To Know - Infomance

How can Elon Musk’s conversations ever be completed without mentioning Mars? The very beginning of the conversation started with Elon Musk talking about colonizing Mars.

Musk talked about his timeline to get humans on Mars and whether his kids would like to go there as well. Talking to the show’s hosts Sriram Krishnan and Aarthi Ramamurthy, he said that it would take five and a half years to get on Mars.

“The important thing is we establish Mars as a self-sustaining civilization and that we ensure the long-term existence of consciousness,” he said.

And if you think it ended here, you are wrong. This fascinating conversation became more interesting when the aliens came up! When asked about aliens, Musk said, “I’ve seen no conclusive evidence,” he said. “That doesn’t mean there aren’t aliens; I just haven’t seen the evidence.”

Elon Musk on memes and monkey brains

Elon Musk On Clubhouse - Everything You Need To Know - Infomance

A conversation on Musk’s meme game soon followed Mars and its colonization and Musk talked about how he finds them so insightful.

“I love memes. They’re very insightful and symbolism powerfully impacts people,” he said.

Musk attributed his good meme sense to meme dealers. “You have to have a good meme dealer. My friend Mike and Claire. I am the recipient of very interesting memes,” he said.

The conversation then soon turned to Neuralink and its developments. Musk said that the company has just implanted tiny wireless into the brain of a monkey which can now play videogames with his mind.”

“He’s a happy monkey. We have the nicest monkey facilities in the world. We want them to play mind-Pong with each other,” Tesla founder said.

Neuralink is a brain-linking technology which would help people who have lost their brain capacity due to age, trauma or disease.

“I want to be clear. The early applications will really just be for people who have a serious brain injury, like, where, it’s like the value of the implant is just enormous.”

Musk Supports Bitcoin

Elon Musk On Clubhouse - Everything You Need To Know - Infomance

Elon Musk although “late to the party”, supports Bitcoin.

His first response to a question about cryptocurrency was that he needed to watch what he said, but he eventually did say that he supported Bitcoin.

Soon after he turned his attention from Bitcoin to Dogecoin, a digital currency named after a meme that Musk loves for its comical nature.

He said jokingly, “Arguably the most entertaining outcome, the most ironic outcome would be that Dogecoin becomes the currency of Earth of the future.”

To Tesla suppliers: make more

Elon Musk On Clubhouse - Everything You Need To Know - Infomance

Musk referred to the announcement he made in September about Tesla producing its own cells to supplement purchases from outside suppliers.

“It’s important to emphasize to our suppliers, we’re not trying to put them out of business, we want them to increase their rate,” Musk said.

This comes from Tesla’s aim to sell at least 20 million EVs per years so that by 2030, they can replace at least one per cent of the 2 billion cars on road. This aim is significant in the company’s goals of moving towards sustainable energy.

Musk said, “We’re trying to grow car production as fast as possible, but the primary limiting factor there is battery-cell production.”

The banter with Robinhood CEO

Elon Musk On Clubhouse - Everything You Need To Know - Infomance

The biggest highlight of Elon Musk on Clubhouse had been his banter with Robinhood CEO, Vlad Tenev. Musk called up the CEO of Robinhood and asked him about the restrictions that the company had put in last week.

Calling him “Vlad the stock impaler”, Musk asked Tenev to “spill the beans”.

Musk asked, “What happened last week? Why couldn’t people buy GameStop shares? The people demand answers and they want to know the truth.”

Denying the rumours that Citadel pressured Robinhood in restricting trades on GameStop, Tenev said that it was instead linked to National Securities Cleaning Corps. Tenev said that NSCC $3 billions in the deposit which Robinhood managed to negotiate down to $700 million.

Tenev said, “We knew this was a bad outcome for customers. But we had no choice as we had to conform to our requirements.”

Apart from all this, Musk also discussed COVID-19 vaccine, his favourite shows, the movie Tenet and many other things about his private life.

To know more about the tech world, stay in touch. Until next time!


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