Electric Scooters Are Capturing The Worldwide Market

The world is moving towards a sustainable development. Many companies are trying to introduce electric vehicles in order to reduce pollution and preserve natural resources. In doing so, they are supported well by the users. Electric cars and electric scooters are making their way into the market and are received well. Users are keen to buy the vehicles and save on their fuel expenses and reduce pollution. Many companies around the world are trying to make their mark in the market with electric scooters and cars. Tesla, one of the major holder in electric cars are receiving quite a lot many orders and are doing well. Similarly, in the electric scooters, there are several companies who are advancing.

Electric Scooters

Many companies are trying to launch themselves in the market. Recently, Lime announced their arrival in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Followed by that, Bird also came up in the Paris market bringing in their electric scooters in Tel Aviv. The bird is a famous electric scooter company which has a net value of around $2 billion. It is trying to bring their bikes to the international market and compete with their competitors. Previously, the company used to sell their electric scooters only in the US. In the US, Bird, Lime, Goat, Skip and Spin are capturing the market. But outside the US the companies ply their trade only in three odd cities.

But, the companies are in problems with the regulation in some states. In San Francisco, the Transport Agency are not giving permits to Lyft, Uber in bringing the electric scooter. This is due to the reason that Bird and Lime brought their electric scooters without getting permission from them. Even today when all the states are welcoming them, electric scooters are not present in San Francisco.

But, it is changing. The transport agency is expected to make a decision on the companies whether to allow them or not. They are finalizing the documents and might announce the result in coming weeks. Once the company are accepted for a 24-month program, they are expected to provide user education and insurance. Along with that, they need to share the trip data with the city and should keep users data protected. Further, the transport agency will be limiting the count to only 2,500 scooters in the city at one time.


Bird also faced several issues in Boston and Santa Monica. They tried to bring in their electric scooters in the city but were brought down. They were not received well by them. But it is not the situation everywhere. GOAT, an electric scooter startup is working well with the cities like Austin, D.C. and Portland Ore. They are working with the city plans to provide a better travel option for the people.

With huge companies taking interest in the electric scooters, they have a future. The cities will now or later will accept them and they will prove to be a good means of transport. Lyft and Uber are trying to include them in their service hence it is gaining more importance.


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