Coronavirus: What the WHO pandemic declaration means

What does pandemic mean?

The new coronavirus outbreak is now an epidemic. So what does that mean?

The epidemic has nothing to do with this disease, it means that a disease is spreading widely.

The head of the World Health Organization has announced on Wednesday that the World Health Organization is also very concerned about this disease.

But in the same direction, the Director-General of He explained that this does not mean that countries should try to stop the virus.


Corona infected around 120,000 people all over the world and more than 4500 people died.

​What does the declaration do?

Labels trigger governments to become active. Triggers the government to activate plans Performs emergency procedures to protect the public, such as more stringent travel and trade restrictions

WHO already had declared corona an international emergency. And where the virus has not spread yet. Hospitals and clinics around the world are preparing to treat the number of coronavirus patients.


Who is Chief Drs? Michael Ryan warned that the use of the word Epidemic

to protect against the outbreak Nothing but more aggressive is a trigger for faster action.

​What goes into the decision?

When there are enough hybrids to declare an epidemic on enough documents, these are a black and white decision. But generally, the WHO looks for continuing community outbreaks on different continents.

In other words, people who were in the place where the virus was roaming risked the chain of transmission if they became obvious. And as long as health authorities can trace those chains, an epidemic isn’t yet deemed out of control.

Now people start getting infected without obvious links, so these signs spread the infection widely in a population. Important for declaring an epidemic.

For flu, the WHO typically calls an epidemic when a replacement virus is spreading in two regions of the world; COVID-19 is now spreading in parts of 4.

​What was the last global pandemic(Due to corona)?

The last disease the WHO declared an epidemic was a replacement flu strain, initially called ‘swine flu’ in 2009 This decision came when the new H1N1 flu spread in many countries for 6 weeks. Today,  we know this stem worldwide as endemic. They become part of the regular flu outbreak of all seasons.

This is the first time such a disease has been named an epidemic. but at an equivalent time, we believe that it’ll be the primary also to be ready to be contained or controlled.

​What’s the difference between Outbreak, Epidemic, and Pandemic?

In the case of a disease in a particular place, sudden outbreaks increase. Pandemics are an outbreak. An epidemic means these are global epidemics.

Experts say that the meaning of the word pandemic appears in a certain way. Even though many people may not understand what this means


This word has neither been understood nor is it placed in a drawer. And only used at the worst of times, then people are fearing it.

​What does this mean about the disease’s severity?

Epidemics are a scary word but it does not mean how serious the diseases are. It means that a disease is spreading widely. There may be an epidemic of mild illness such as the H1N1 flu in 2009.

The regular seasonal flu has a mortality rate of 0.1%. In fact, how deadly will this new coronavirus be? clear is not and may be different from earlier cases in countries with particular influx

But corona does seem less deadly than its cousins SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and MERS, Middle East respiratory syndrome, albeit it’s spreading more easily than those earlier outbreaks.


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