Infomance Careers

Our focus is on gathering some of the best talents who can write with simplicity and quality that can make even a layman understand about technology. So that we can satisfy our ever-growing reader base.

Note- The candidate will be responsible for regularly producing quality content and researching on newer ideas.

  1.  Should be a little experienced in writing blogs.
  2. Have a good command of the English language with good vocabulary skills.
  3. Must be good at explaining things.
  4. One who’s excited and passionate about trying new apps, software, technology, etc.
  5. Should be Interested enough to keep track of the latest developments and news 
    from the tech and sci-fi world
  6. Should have leadership qualities.
Hiring for Senior SEO Analyst:

At Infomance, we produce quality content, and for that content to reach masses, we need to optimize our website to Google’s SEO guidelines to perfection. So, we’re looking for an excellent candidate who has a little experience but a lot of enthusiasm in managing SEO of various online publications/high traffic blogs, etc. The candidate should have great expertise with state of the art SEO tools, always up-to-date with recent updates in SEO algorithms, and can take up the challenge of making Infomance rank on some of the most competitive keywords out there.

  1. More than 2 years of experience as SEO Analyst, SEO Executive, SEO Specialist or
    similar role in news publications, or high traffic blogs.
  2. Should expertly handle SEO analysis tools such as SEMRush, Moz, SimilarWeb,
    keyword planner, Google Webmaster, mixpanel, CleverTap, etc.
  3. Strong knowledge of Google ranking factors and search engine algorithms.
  4. Should be a pro in handling both On-page and Off-page SEO implementations.
  5. Should never hesitate to solve problems.
  • Work closely with the editorial team and help them to improve the SEO ranking.
  • Coordinate with the development team to ensure that the SEO strategies and practices
    are properly implemented with the newly developed code.
  • Keeping par with Google news, and following the trends in it so that maximum traffic
    could be gathered.
  • Doing Keyword research and competitors’ analysis for publishing new content on a
    regular basis.
  • Dealing with all sorts of On-page errors like duplicate content, redirections, 404 errors
    and more.
  • Setting & prioritizing Off-page SEO activities according to the set target.
  • Updating and maintaining the keywords where Infomance’s stories come up at the top
    of the search results.
  • Strictly implementing link building strategies.
Hiring Motion Graphic Designer:

We require a good video editor who can create quality videos resembling our content. your job will be to produce high-quality premium videos from raw video footage, produce creative short videos out of recorded clips or screen recordings, or create animated ones which can later be made available to our audience.

  1. 1-2 years of experience with FCP or Adobe Premiere Pro.
  2. Must have good knowledge of Photoshop/ Illustrator/ CorelDraw, etc.
  3. Should be pro at using Adobe After Effects.
  4. Should always try to be creative enough to come up with newer ideas and passionate.
  5. enough to turn ideas into reality.
  6. Should be interested in technology.
  7. A Graduate Degree would be always preferred.
Role and Responsibilities:
  • The employee will always be responsible for creating premium quality videos from raw
  • Creating short videos or high-quality GIFs based on various web clippings, screen
    recordings, or creating our own animated video for our audience on various social media
  • Coming up with creative ideas that have the potential to go viral.
Hiring Social Media Strategist:

At Infomance, the ever-increasing crowd is mostly from social media and therefore, we are looking for a creative mind who can develop an out-of-the-box campaign for Social Media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Helo, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. Also, the candidate must be passionate about technology, gadgets, etc.

  1. 0-3 years of experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or other visual design tools.
  2. Minimalistic Design Approach.
  3. Creative and a fan of social media.
  4. Should have good command over social media features.
  5. Must be interested in consumer technology products.
  6. Must not hostage to approach to solve any problem.
  7. Knowledge of Facebook Advert Manager and Google Adwords is an addition.
  8. Should always have the ability to handle the pressure.
  9. A Graduate Degree would always be preferred.
  • The candidate should work well enough to create creative social media posts to attract
    more and more traffic. The posts should always have good content.
  • Should have the ability to convert a complex idea in some words so that even a layman
    could understand.
  • Should always be up to date to keep a track of what’s new in the tech, and based on that building future campaigns.
  • The candidate should be punctual.
Hiring Digital Marketing Specialist:

We at Infomance since the very beginning trying to get more and more readers to our company. So a good digital marketing expert with a sufficient knowledge base of digital marketing is required. As the Digital Marketing Manager at Infomance, your main role is to develop and implement marketing strategies for Infomance.

  1. 0-3 years’ experience in marketing, branding, public relations or similar.
  2. A University degree in Marketing, Advertising, or similar.
  3. Experience in SEO, PPC, and website analytics.
  4. Experience in copywriting.
  5. Experience in education and/or technology environment (advantageous).
  • Manage Infomance’s online presence, including website, blog, social media, PPC.
  • Analyze online presence data, such as Google Analytics.
  • Research customer and market opportunities such as tenders, key relationships.
  • Implement marketing initiatives, such as conferences and advertising campaigns.
  • Manage marketing and brand-related content development.
  • Perform copywriting for marketing initiatives.
  • Manage new customer relationships.
Hiring Content Marketing Professionals:

Infomance believes in quality over quantity and thus we are looking for good quality content marketing professionals who can boost our reader count. He should be able to give quality content to our loyal reader base and attract more loyal readers to the company.

  1. Ability to produce a grammatically sound and lip-smacking delicious copy.
  2. Pro journalistic-level research skills.
  3. Knowing how to have fun with numbers.
  4. Editorial mindset that seeks to understand what audiences consume and how to create it.
  5. Ability to analyze and present content and social performance.
  6. Experience with WordPress, Google analytics, Slideshare, and the top social channels.
  7. Should be comfortable in dabbling with code and design.
  • Managing Infomance’s content quality, and help increase its reach.
  • Research customer and market opportunities such as tenders, key relationships.
  • Accountable for all content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, engagement, leads, that deliver sales and customer retention.
  • Editorial calendar and organization workflows must be developed and managed.
  • This role requires a brand publisher mindset: to create the content our audience is looking for and then to optimize the path to conversion.
  • Integration of content programs with brand campaigns to drive the brand to demand.