Carbon Capture Tech: A step in the wrong direction

  • Carbon Capture and Storage is the procedure of capturing carbon dioxide before it enters the environment, transporting it, and storing it.
  • The carbon capture and storage project aim to remove carbon dioxide from power plants and industrial facilities emissions. 
  • Carbon Capture and Storage are rapidly growing in the US and it could also encourage widespread deployment of the technologies. 

Carbon Capture Tech sold as a solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from heavy industry. However, heavy industries are the most challenging sectors for decarbonization. As per the recent study, decarbonization is still going off track from accomplishing that.

The Carbon Capture and Storage contain the pipeline. This pipeline aims to remove carbon dioxide to reduce industrial pollution. But most projects are expecting to come online as this decade doesn’t tackle industrial pollution.

But instead of this, the most considerable growth is expected to be taken in the carbon captured paired with fossil fuel power plants. It is the same as the majority of the 40 million metric tons of Carbon Capture and Storage capacity the world has today is involved in natural gas processes.

That perspective appears to contradict what some Carbon Capture and Storage proponents claim is the best use case for the technologies. Much of the recent excitement surrounding the technology has centered on its capacity to cut greenhouse gas emissions from critical industries such as cement, steel, and fertilizer production.

To be sure, some supporters would like to see polluting facilities relocated rather than outfitted with modern climate technology. However, industrial pollution accounts for almost one-third of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions.

Moreover, it is difficult to eliminate because this type of manufacturing frequently necessitates exceptionally high temperatures, which are difficult to achieve using renewable energy.

Carbon Capture and Storage in the US

In the US, Carbon Capture and Storage are gaining momentum and it also has the support from Republicans and the Biden administration alike. In recent weeks, as part of the broader effort to slash pollution from the industrial sector, the Biden administration announced new federal guidelines for evaluating the Carbon Capture and Storage projects.

These projects could encourage the widespread deployment of new technologies. Republican Senator Bill Cassidy has threatened to filibuster Biden’s selections for EPA head because of the agency’s delays in favorable his state’s application to regulate wells for collected carbon dioxide.

What problem causes Carbon Capture and Storage?

Even with those efforts, the carbon capture strategy for climate change is divisive in current situations or as part of plants. But, like for the coal plant, it may be able to claim some green authorizations if part of its carbon emissions is captured, even if other effects of mining and burning coal, such as habitat destruction and air pollution still remain.

As per the reports released in December by the Government Accountability Office, from 2009, the Department of Energy has already invested millions of dollars in carbon capture initiatives for some of the coal plants. But these plants never came to fruition because of the high costs.

CCS capacity set to quadruple worldwide by 2030

According to Coco Zhang, head of ESG Research at ING Americas, CCS combined with gas production and electricity generation is likely to outperform industrial usage despite high prices because authorities have devoted more attention to cleaning up the power sector over the years.

However, as more governments strive towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, a greater emphasis is being placed on reducing those recalcitrant industrial emissions. Nonetheless, with CCS capacity expected to triple globally by 2030 and a smaller fraction of that expansion expected to occur in heavy industries, governments will likely need to make a stronger push for carbon capture to take off where it may be most effective.


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