Can we consider the brain a quantum computer? – Reverse engineering consciousness

The human brain is always referred as a powerful computer which can also be considered as the most powerful computer. This statement makes many experts to think twice on AI whether it will become more intelligent one day than a human brain. What if all the developers trying to develop machines that can think are going on a wrong way? According to some developers, our minds are quantum computers. If this statement is true, today’s AI technology will need to upgrade hardware in order to develop a proper AI. New 100 qubit quantum systems are being developed. All the supercomputers on the planet together cannot compete these systems. Google claims to reach quantum supremacy by the end of the year. Also, competitors like IBM and Intel are not far behind. So, we have two competitions on the planet. One, between quantum computing and functional quantum systems. Second, between classical super computers and the human brain. So, which of these competitions can get more attention?

What Quantum Theory Says?

According to quantum theory, the whole universe is weird and it gives explanation to all the controversies of the world. Quantum science and mechanics have become best methods to explain any scientific question. These quantum technologies are getting more and more scientific. According to Sir Roger Penrose, the co-author of Black Hole Paper, there is some quantum physics occurring in tiny microtubules inside our brain that causes human consciousness. This theory makes human consciousness easy to understand. No two people can have same human consciousness and it can never be predicted what a random person will do. In simple terms, none of the computing power existing in the world could process and imitate billions of processes going on in the human brain. Quantum theory is a concept which could answer all the questions. When traditional mathematics face problems in computing large number of variables, quantum theory gives easy answers for all these questions.


According to Stephen Hawking, there is no relation with human consciousness and quantum mechanics. It is impossible to know from where does human consciousness come, but ability to stimulate neuronal connections could help to uncover the mysteries of our brain. If we ever succeed to completely understand ourselves, it will become very easy to create robots imitating humans. These robots will probably rise up and destroy the mankind or make the human life immortal. Anything could happen using quantum mechanics.


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