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Do you need a powerful website backlink checker? Do you know what the most vital ranking factors are? These three factors are RankBrain, Backlinks, and Content, which Google has shown clearly from the list of 200. For high-searched traffic and effective rankings, it is essential to give some attention to backlinks. It is not sufficient. An SEO needs to get backlinks right. To get the right backlinks, SEO needs the correct information and the right backlink tool. With the help of the Backlink Checker, a user can get a quick overview of the domain, backlink profile of a page. It helps in making smart decisions. In your SEO work, it saves your time by using our tool which is available on

A powerful backlink checker gives all links indicating the domain. The quality is essential to perform link audits.  It assists in examining everything about competitors and your backlinks.

  • Spot your link’s geolocation
  • Check type of the backlinks
  • Understands the referring domain’s authority
  • Conduct deep link analysis

About Backlinks and significance in SEO


Do you need to improve your SEO exposure? You need a backlink maker but why? Backlinks are the links that point to your website on the other site. It is mentioned as incoming links or inbound links. A website performs better that has more backlinks. The site ranking will be higher if the quality of the backlinks is higher. It is the prime source to improve the overall domain authority.

How does Google perceive all backlinks? Google deems your website by checking the backlinks higher in number and quality both on another website pointing to your website. This is the way; it provides a better ranking. It means, when an SEO builds backlinks, it should not focus on the number of links but check the relevance and quality as well. By using a high-quality tool, you can get the answers to the following questions.

  • Which pages r keywords have brought you the most links?
  • Which is the best performing content?
  • Want to know the analysis and audit of the backlinks for any site?
  • Where are backlinks coming from?

What is the drawback of low-quality backlinks? If a website contains several spammy links or low-quality backlinks then SERP of your website ranking will below. This is the reason you need a high-quality backlink checker that shows the quality of your backlinks.

Check any link from any domain in seconds
  • You can check backlinks to individual pages or domains
  • Analyze plenty of links in a short period
  • The most SEO matrices filter the links
  • Attain an instant overview of all backlink profile
  • It allows the users to export data of backlinks quickly
  • Understand anchor texts and keyword distribution
  • SEO analyzes link ratio such as Countries, Link Types, No Follow, Follow and more
  • Save your time and make a decision quickly

Does a Backlink checker conduct an analysis?

A backlink is a vote for your website’s coolness, quality, and trustworthiness. Incoming links are not a single aspect that determines the credibility and popularity of your, but these are the most challenging and essential factors. Search Engine gives more credit for high-ranking if more websites point to your site. An effective backlink checker shows which link helps acquiring competitive link intelligence and pointing to your website.

  • Compare inbound link’s weight on the competitor’s domain
  • Views the titles and URLs of target web pages and links
  • Sees anchor texts
  • Understands how authoritative referring domains are and where these are located
  • Checks incoming links for the root domain, domain or URL

It spots new referral traffic sources and improves your link building strategy.

Understands the referring domain’s authority

Other Search engines or Google introduces new techniques to secure spammy resources to earn high rank and complicate the ranking algorithm. Google approaches to backlink estimation that can be unchangeable to check over quantity and quality. Instead of having low quality 100 links, it is better to have 10 high-quality links.

  • Gets competitor’s strong authority links and checks trusted online sources refer to the domain
  • Checks the number of high-quality links. If the page contains several links then it is the sign of the spammy links.

Checks types of backlinks

Do you know will your domain acquire any weight? It provides the follow or nofollow note. In this way, you can maintain a balance and monitor your link building struggle on enhancing excellent dofollow backlinks.

Spot your link’s geolocation

Do you want to know the backlink’s location? A reputed backlink checker offers geo distribution widgets like the world map, pie chart, and graphs. It helps you get the right answer. On the other hand, you will get the unique IP address to refer domains, top-level domain’s distributions, IP distribution by country, number of links come from these domains and number of domains at IP addresses. It has over 160 billion links.

This tool is very simple to use because it contains simple specifications. You do not need to take any training to use the tool.

To sum it all up, a backlink checker is mandatory for the health and performance of your site. One of the best backlink checking tools that I personally use is available for free at smallseotools.


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