Best SEO Hacks For Better Website Ranking


Have you just opened a website? Want some better google ranking from the start? Well, we have some classified level information for you. To get better rankings means, indexing of your site pages becomes higher. This is the dream of every blogger who has just started blogging. But some things don’t change. Like Search Engine Optimizations. As on this occasion, we brought some Best SEO hacks for better website Ranking. These are to be done in the best way. As no matter how much google becomes powerful, it will always hold this technique.

Best SEO hacks for better website Ranking


If you think just writing articles will earn you money, you are wrong. You have to flow with the flow of Google. How it categorizes and optimizes the searches. When it puts the posts of a website to the correct places and positions. How it decides which page will get how much viewers. Ok, this happens partially though. But of all that, you first need to understand SEO.

What Is SEO?

First, SEO stands for Search Engine optimization. It is a technique that websites and google rely on for ranking your pages. Secondly, its not google who determines how pages rank. Its SEO of a page, that determines how it will rank via Google.

Why Is It Important?

When you write great content, it deserves more viewers and readers. Or traffic. But who ranks those pages? Google. Is Google a person? No. It’s a machine. Mostly a piece of code. It works based on keywords. Not based on how well you write an article. Keywords determine how and when your page will be ranked. And Google decides that.

I hope the confusion is clear enough. If you want Google to rank your pages, you need keywords. Those are to be present in your content. This is point no 1 of every book written for SEO. 40% of optimizations are done via keywords. As your page will have a better SEO then. And it will reach more of the readers. So, this is why it is so important. And So is our Best SEO hacks for better website Ranking topic for you.

How SEO Works?


SEO works based on searching and finding words. These words are known as keywords. They bear a resemblance to your topic of discussion. When Google comes across a page, it looks for those words. They should be present in your content, title, headings, sub-headings, image alt text. This is one of the keys of Best SEO hacks for better website Ranking.

Search Engine Optimization also caters to Readability. It means how well your content is optimized. For being read by a 6-year-old, at least. Further, it checks for grammatical mistakes, voices, clarity and more. If you can rap those up, your page is lucky.

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Now let us see some Best SEO hacks for better website Ranking.

1. Maintain Keywords

Keywords are the key to your site’s future. And yes, it does a huge impact on website performance. Even if you don’t have other parameters involved in the post. Using proper keywords in one of the best SEO hacks you can physically think of.

Using keywords is a tough job. But you can first do a physical search on what keywords to use. There are a lot of keyword tools online that can do the hard job for you. One of the best is keywordtool. You can go to this link to get the best keywords. Make sure to use the keywords in the right place, even in the image alt text.

2. Optimize Readability


Readability is highly recommended to be optimized. As you don’t who will be reading your pages. It can be either a 7 year old or a 70 year. It is highly random. Thus it’s your job to fix the readability. Being one of the best SEO hacks, readability also makes your website good enough.

The fact that proper content is necessary, proper grammar is needed too. Google won’t be recommending your article to someone if you mess up the grammar. Although it gets improved on the way of your writing. But until you do, make sure you do it right.

Optimizing for readability includes using the right voice. Use of proper headings, smaller paragraphs, and short sentences is sensible. Thus it makes it light for your Best SEO hacks for better website Ranking.

Some tips for keeping readability top grade

  • Write short sentences.
  • Break down long sentences into smaller ones. Even if the word count goes too high.
  • Write in an Active voice. This is easier to read. And less hard to interpret.
  • Writing in active voice makes keyword infusion far easier.
  • Check grammar and mistakes, mostly for the apostrophe in some words.
  • Correct the grammar using online tools if you need it.
  • Use headings and sub-headings to make topics more clear.
  • Include points if you have to.

3. Use External Links


External links do a great job of connecting your article to another. This makes a great deal with the best SEO hacks, as your article becomes rich. As when your reader does not understand one topic, he/she can go to the given link. The link might contain the right description of the word. And thus it helps in this way.

Also, Search engine optimization works better with links. As Google will be able to list out the sites from your links too. As it wants your readers to be full potent about knowing every inch of the topic. Every inch to the topmost qualified article. While that might not be you, another person can do it for you. Also, see that your external links open up as a new tab. It thus helps your reader to come back quickly to your page.

4. Blog Contest

Blog contest makes other bloggers much friendly towards yourself. You can use this to your advantage. They can create their article or their contest. You can use those links on your site if you have related content. As when you readers will come across this, they will immediately go after the link. Blog contest is among the greatest best SEO hacks if you know how to use it. This is a good technique to lure in traffic (in the right way).

Also, several blog contests can immediately increase your website ranking. As your view count will increase, aside from your site links will appear more on search results. Due to the links you have placed on your pages. These will get related to each other. Also, contesters can opt for a Google vote. And that won’t be hurting you as it will all round make your rankings better.

This is another clever hack for Best SEO hacks for better website Ranking.

5. Content Is Important Too


Content is not just important, its highly important. The fact that you can easily gain readers, with better keywords. But if your content is not right in the sense, you might gain views. But your website will ultimately go down.  This is another best SEO hacks that you should keep in mind. As your site does not have any sort of good content.Why the hell users will come to your dump yard.

Writing good content is hard. It does not come up in a single month, nor in a single year. It comes with experience on how well you have written. If you have known how to write well, that is not enough. You have to know how to improvise your writing with tricky keywords. Without changing the tone and the meaning of the discussion.

Steps to writing good content

  • Use the internet to get the correct idea
  • Search with good keywords
  • Known first what you want to write
  • Write key-points and sub-points. Then explain them in brief.
  • Make sure to use related topics.
  • Use headings and sub-headings. These determine how well your paras are explained.
  • Maintain your word count. Too long is bad unless well descriptive of the discussion. Too short is bad as fewer details are present.
  • Optimize your words. Use an active voice to the maximum.

This should be enough to make your work great.

6. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages


Clever loading of pages was not supported before. Those were not even thought of. But today we have better loading websites, loading on the browser lightning fast. You might not have used the blogger platform. As it loads its pages faster than anything. This is the best SEO hacks used by Google on its platform. Not even Word Press comes near its speed.

You can enable accelerated mobile pages via some tweaking. If your site is more of a functioning grade oriented, you can disable the functionality temporarily. There are different ways to do it for different blogging platforms. As for disabling functionality means, your site will load faster.  As loading structure (HTML) and graphics (CSS) is faster than functionality (JAVASCRIPT).

While you won’t be needing to use the search bar, it’s good if you can just visit it. It is common for some sites. This makes visiting them very fast, even if they are the clumsiest ones. But it will speed up your site performance. One thing which Google keeps a strict watch on. Want to know some best SEO hacks? This is something you should work on.

7. Use Backlinks: One Of The Best SEO Hacks


Backlinks are the links that return the user to your site. This does have a great impact as it is another best SEO hack, implemented by Google itself. Backlinks mostly redirect to sites. If a site has a good number of backlinks, it means it is much popular. The site does have a good rating. This is the reason why it is appearing so much.

This factor, in turn, will be used by Google to cater to the rankings. If your site has a good number of backlinks, it will get ranked better. No matter what the other cases say. Search engines take this factor seriously. They rank all sites to the top with better and more backlinks.

Now if you ask some Best SEO hacks for better website Ranking? We have provided it here for you. Website ranking is highly important for your site to become popular. If you can implement the right procedure, you can do your work cleverly. As when it comes to Google, working clever is preferred.


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