Amazon Go Explained – The Future of Shopping!

Guys let’s assume that you go to any store and pick any product which you like and after that you will go out from that store. You does not have to go in any line, not have to wait for your chance to buy a product and not have to do any billing of it. This concept is of Amazon Go. So, Guys continue reading this new article and I will about the concept of this Amazon Go that how it works. Amazon is planning to many new-new concepts, and the website was already live, where peoples are coming and shopping new-new things from there. But, when we talk about that we are going to do the delivery by drone. So, this work will also possible in future.

But the latest concept is of Amazon Go store, this not that much new, it was live from 1 year. But the amazon was doing the testing of it before.

Now this store is started for public. In that store there is no employees and we did not have to go in line and do any billing after buying any product. We only have to take the product which we like and go t our home without giving any cash or paying by debit card. It automatically cut the money from your amazon account. This concept was very unique but how it works? Many questions come in our mind that, how they know that what we are picking from where? How they are charging? etc.

So, Let’s discuss about it.

When we go inside of Amazon Go store we have to download the Amazon Go app in our mobile phone and that app will give you a QR Code which we will scan it at the time of entering in the store. So, they will know that you have entered their.

So in that store too many cameras are there and sensors which tracks you, where you are going and what you are picking from there and the sensors are in there self also in which the products kept. So, when we pick any product from that self it will automatically added into your cart of your account and if you put that product in that self again then it will remove that product from your cart.

This below image is of the Amazon patent which shows that this store works concept work same as a self-driving car, because they automatically know that what you are buying with cameras and sensors.

So this concept was really very unique and if it come in India then it will very good for all of us.



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