AI Is Helping Us Climb Up The Ladder In CoronaVirus Research

CoronaVirus Research

The CoronaVirus research could take decades if we are only going to rely on manual research. But luckily we have been developing a one-stop solution for every problem which the future holds.

AI is our only means to resolve this issue on time and save innocent lives. The Corona Virus pandemic has not just affected one but almost all the countries around the world.

All the brilliant minds around the world are working hard together to find a cure. Apart from our manual labour, AI is a promising path.

AI has huge potential to solve complex problems which could take a human, forever.

The Problem

the time required to arrive at a solution can reduce

The entire world working to solve one common issue has both good and bad in it. The good news is, the time required to arrive at a solution can reduce.

The bad news is, several doctors and researchers are publishing new methods, papers and research work each day.

It is impossible for a single entity to go through all of this research work. It might take months or even years to gather useful information for all of these scattered solutions.

But among this rubble lies the cure to solve the current situation. But there is no pointing in finding a cure after millions of people lose their lives to the pandemic.

This is where AI could kick in and make the CoronaVirus research easier for us.

The CORD-19 Initiative

Microsoft and Google were helpful in the formation of the CORD-19 dataset.

The digital masterminds, Microsoft and Google were helpful in the formation of the CORD-19 dataset.

This initiative came into being in March 2020. The US government handed over the huge task of collecting any information related to the pandemic to these tech companies.

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset consists of any journals, magazines, research papers. It also includes any documented work related to CoronaVirus research.

There are various well-renowned colleges who support the CORD-19. The sole purpose of this data set is to derive the most viable solutions from a pile of information.

All of this collected data will train ML models to narrow down further. There are records which indicate that there are more than 24,000 articles in the data set.

Various servers around the globe are helpful in this process. The total number of documents might cross 50,000 soon.

The Impressive Kaggle Challenge

The Impressive Kaggle Challenge

Kaggle is very well-known among programmers and coders. This competitive platform which Google uses is now deployed to acquire solutions for the pandemic.

AI is helpful, there is no denying that. But one single AI model cannot process and segregate all of this.

This is exactly why Google divided up the task into 10 separate models. It then posted an open challenge.

Any AI and ML engineer can develop AI and ML algorithms to solve any one of these problems.

Each problem statement would focus on a particular group of research papers. A single AI does not have to acquire all the information.

Instead, we can get even more specific with this. One of these statements calls for solutions which can solve the issue without involving any medicine.


We still do not know the percentage of efficiency if we use this. But whatever it might be, it would definitely be higher than the output which we can get out of manual research.

CoronaVirus Research is getting closer to a solution with every passing day. It is only a matter of time and with AI involved now, we can prevent the loss of thousands of lives.


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