Once Again Pluto Is Still a Planet Declared By NASA Chief

If you’re a science geek, you probably heard about the planet, Pluto. Yes, you heard me, a planet. There have been tons of debates in the world of science and technology regarding Pluto. Whether it’s a planet or not. Recently the planet Pluto ignited yet another debate regarding its material. Science demands proof and logic so here’s what space enthusiasts and scientists have to say about it.

Where it all started?

Dating back to 2006, thirteen years ago, Pluto was exempted from the solar system by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). And it had been referred to as a dwarf planet but not everyone seemed to agree with their opinion.

NASA offered their take on this judgment


After all these years NASA chief says that Pluto is still a planet. NASA’s chief administrator Jim Bridenstine raised his opinion in the aid of Pluto’s status as a planet in the solar system.

What did Jim Bridenstine have to say?

In the first Robotics event that was held in Oklahoma, Jim said that, in his point of view, Pluto is a planet. He believes that Pluto is a planet, he learned about it that way and he doesn’t want to make any changes to his opinion. However, Jim didn’t provide any kind of proof or confidential related to these criteria. He had only given a statement.

What others have to say about Pluto (A planet or not)

There are a lot of debates and theories surrounding Pluto and many scientists didn’t agree with IAU when they came up with their reasonings why Pluto is not a planet. The IAU set up a committee in 2006 to clear the meaning of the term ‘planet’. They proposed three criteria for considering a planet.
I) it should orbit the sun.
II) it should have enough mass to be rounded in a sphere by its own gravity.
III) it have cleared the neighborhood around its orbit

These criteria seemed satisfying though many scientists opposed this definition process it managed to demote Pluto from its status as a planet.

What really comes of it?


Though Pluto satisfied the first two criteria it failed to satisfy the third one since various small icy bodies are present in its neighborhood beyond Neptune knows as the Kuiper Belt.

The debate still goes on

The debate surrounding Pluto’s status has been a hot topic and it will be for a long time as many scientists have been having combustible discussions about the status of Pluto in the solar system. Alan Stern is the one among the biggest defenders of Pluto who wrote that the process for redefining a planet was flawed and massively criticized in the Washington Post.

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There are neverending discussions and debates surrounding plutos status in our solar system. Different organizations have their own opinions on this subject. Though there are no proofs found to support either of the opinions. After all these years NASA chief says Pluto is still a planet. And this topic will keep ongoing for a long time.


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