A Russian Startup Is Selling Robot Clones of Real People

Yes, you heard that right. Robots that can look like you, or anyone else for that matter, are being built now. Want one for yourself? Well, you need to contact the Promobot, a Russian startup that is selling autonomous robots, and these can look like any human being that you want, dead or alive. It can even look like you if you want it to!

The chairman of the Promobot’s Board of Directors said in a press release that the robot can be of any appearance and can be used for any purpose, professional or personal.

So what can this robot do?

The face of this Robo-C has 18 moving parts which mean this robot can produce about 600 microexpressions and its AI has 10,000 speech modules! The robot, although not able to move, still have the freedom of movement of about 3 degrees in its neck and torso. Now isn’t that cool?

Concept of Digital immortality? Hmmm…

The hypothetical concept of digital immortality means we can live forever by transferring our consciousness into machines, whereby the feebleness of the human body will disappear. Here, although the robots created by Promobot aren’t transferring human consciousness, they indeed are creating an individual personality with a very human appearance. “The digitization of personality and the creation of an individual appearance” was the key moment in the development of Robo-C according to the co-founder of Promobot Oleg Kivokurtsev, which will allow them to offer digital immortality to their customers.

So who has ordered these Androids so far?

I know, I want them too. It will really be fun to have a robot look-alike talking to me. But the sad news is that it’s not that cheap to buy. The cost of the Robo-C can range from $20000 to $50000 depending on the features demanded by customers. The company has already taken orders for the Robot Clones. One of these robots will be working in Government Service Center, one would be a clone of Albert Einstein for a Robot exhibition and the last two will be made for a family in the Middle East.

What else has Promobot done?

Although many of the things claimed by Promobot previously has been declared as a publicity stunt, the company does have to its credit the making of a humanoid robot that was a news anchor on TV in Russia.

Publicity stunt or not?

Many of the claims by the company has been so unbelievable and, to some people, scary, that they were declared as publicity stunts. Let’s have a look at what they said? First, in 2016, the company claimed that many of its robots had tried to escape the laboratory which was dismissed by most of the media outlets. The second of the most astounding statements given by the company was that one of its robots had been ‘killed’ by a Tesla Model S outside the CES technology convention held in Las Vegas.

So we end here…

Now after all this fun information about the emerging world of robotics and technology, it’s time to let yourself be fascinated by the magic of innovation. For more exciting updates


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