5 Things Recruiters Look For On Your Resume

Things Recruiters Look For

Finding jobs can be an intimidating task. How many times do your thoughts swing from that of confidence to self-doubt? Know the things recruiters look for on your resume beforehand. 

Don’t worry, that’s not something only you go through. It’s one of the most common feelings people looking for jobs go through. 

So how should you deal with them?

Preparation is the key. Always.

Preparation is the key. Always.

So here we present you with tips to help you prepare better. Check out these five things recruiters look for on resume to ace the race. 

1. Keywords are important

How are keywords important? Keywords denote those requirements that any hiring manager looks for while scanning a resume. 

Keywords are those skills, qualities, or credentials that are looked for in a candidate.

Almost 75 % of resumes get rejected either due to the lack of keywords or the keywords are not correct.

So what’s the solution?

It’s simple. Make sure your resume has all the required keywords that your industry requires. You can use tools like Jobscan or ZipJob to help you with the right keywords.

2. Sync your LinkedIn profile with your resume

Sync your LinkedIn profile with your resume

It’s a common blunder that applicants make. In your hurry to send out resumes, you forget to make sure that your LinkedIn profile and your resume contain the same information.

Any recruiter will most definitely like to go through your LinkedIn profile. It’s your job to make sure that they see the same things in both places.

If your resume mentions a certain company that is not mentioned in your LinkedIn profile, that might create confusion and doubt. 

So, align both of them! 

3. Pedigree isn’t necessary

Your recruiter doesn’t care about the schools and colleges you went unless it’s Harvard. That’s simply not what they are looking for.

Recruiters are looking for skills and experience. So you might wonder why this is so.

Because, for a recruiter, only one thing matters- whether the job can be done or not. Your college doesn’t matter as much as the skills do.

4. Your hobbies

Hobbies can attract a recruiter. Seriously.

Hobbies can attract a recruiter. Seriously.

Can you imagine going through a pile of similar resumes without getting bored? Recruiters can actually get attracted by interesting hobbies that can be discussed later on.

So go ahead and mention all those unique habits of yours!

5. How you improved processes

What’s the point? Hmmm….

Recruiters are picky if the company is good. So you must stand out.  One of the best ways to do so is by put in some bullet points. 

These bullet points are to tell how your presence made an impact in previous companies. Be specific in terms of numbers. This will surely make your resume stand out from others.

So go ahead and rock your resume. You can do it! 


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