5 Smart Tips And Tricks To Identify Cell Phone Tapping!

Cell Phone Tapping

The number of people who are vulnerable to cell phone tapping is higher than usual. In this decade, your digital safety is your number one priority.

Most of us will have instances where our parents used to spy on our phones. But what if I tell you, your own government might spy on you.

At this very moment, they might be listening to your calls and keeping a note on your text messages.

You will no clue about this as your phone will be functioning normally. But there certain tips and tricks you can use to identify cell phone tapping.

1. Recurring Battery Problems

 Recurring Battery Problems

If your phone is not under usage, your battery usage should be minimal. But if your phone is overheating for no purpose or if you find your charge dropping, this might be telling you something.

It is probably because there might be some applications running on your phone when it’s locked. You have to be sure before considering that your phone is not functioning properly.

Restart your phone and make sure no application is running. Remove your phone away from any hot surfaces. If your phone is still getting hot, this might be a sign of cell phone tapping.

2. Increased Internet Usage

You have to check your internet usage now and then. If you live with kids, it might get serious.

Your kids might install something which might pose a threat. This malicious software keeps running in the background and you would have no clue.

Check the overall data usage. Now add up the individual usage of all the apps in your mobile.

If these numbers do not add up, then you can know that there is something hiding in your phone. You have to get it checked and removed.

3. Improper Advertisements

Some Users notice advertisements from a different language

Some Users notice advertisements from a different language. This is an indication that an unauthorised app is running on your mobile phone.

These apps might have some hidden malware and viruses. One popular virus attack was Hummer.

The creators of this malware received half a dollar for every mobile phone they infect. More than a million mobile phones had this infection. They would have easily made billions with this.

4. Performance Issues

If a fraudulent app is running in the background along with all your other apps, your device will get slower day by day for the obvious reasons.

Once apps of this sort get installed, it might even get complete root access to your mobile.

You will be receiving fake system updates which looks like completely genuine to the eyes.

But once you install this, your mobile will no longer be in your control. A cyber-criminal can access all your data, spy on you, use your phone as a bug, without breaking a sweat.

5. Irrelevant Texts and Messages

Irrelevant Texts and Messages

You might receive text messages which seem completely irrelevant. This might be a set of random numbers of numbers or alpha-numeric letters.

You will find this odd but not malicious and just ignore it. But once you open such messages, the encrypted line of codes would execute themselves and begin infecting your mobile.

To Conclude

If someone from your family complains that they are receiving strange texts from you, this is a major sign.

The malware is not just affecting you but also your loved ones. This has gone beyond your control and you should seek professional help to prevent any further spread.

All your private photos and videos might get uploaded to the internet if you don’t take quick actions. The moment you notice something suspicious turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi. This should prevent any data theft.


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