4 Tricks to Supercharge your iPhone in just 5 Minutes

Have you ever been in a situation where your iPhone’s battery was getting very low and you wanted to have some good amount of battery on it quickly? Here, you will get some easy and quick tricks to supercharge your iPhone in just 5 minutes. This will sound unbelievable, but it is really possible. The design of our batteries is such that we can charge them quickly with few tricks. Here is all you should do:

Step 1 – Always keep your phone chilled

Batteries cannot perform well in heat. You should always make sure that you keep your phone away from extreme heat. For doing so, you can remove your phone’s protective case while charging your device. This is because your phone’s protective case is likely to generate heat while the phone charges. And this heat could slow down the rate at which it charges. So, always make sure to your remove the phone’s protective case while charging it.

Step 2 – Turn on airplane mode

This simple trick can help you to charge your phone quickly. Turning on airplane mode aborts all the activity that drains your battery such as push notifications, searching for a Wi-Fi connection, or connecting to Bluetooth devices. Sometimes, turning the airplane mode on reduces the charging time to half.

Step 3 – Don’t use your phone while you charge it

You might have already heard about this trick. This thing is obvious but really effective. When you use your phone while you charge it, the display will consume more battery power and reduce the rate at which it charges. Using your phone while charging it will definitely not damage the battery, but it will take you very long to charge it. Avoid using your phone while charging it and you save half of the time to charge it.

Step 4 – Always use an iPad wall charger

While charging your device, always use manufacturer approved chargers. For supercharging your iPhone, make sure you use an iPad wall charger instead of your regular charger. According to a test, the larger adapter was able to charge an iPhone 6 Plus 40% faster as compared to a smaller one. Larger adapter delivers a greater number of amps (electricity per second) as compared to your regular chargers. So, a larger adapter is able to charge your device quickly. A USB port in a computer can deliver only 0.5 amps, an iPhone charger can deliver 1.0 amps, and an iPad charger delivers 2.1 amps. So, you can easily compare the amount of electricity each one delivers per second. This creates a vast difference when you want to charge your iPhone quickly.


  1. lol your all tricks works for only for i-Phones; few for androids but specifically you targeted i-phones
    next time give some tricks for Android users too


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