4 Mind Boggling Applications That Will Change Business Sector This Year

Applications That Will Change Business

Time is flying and everyone wants to stay ahead in the field of business. But how to do it? There are certain applications that will change business and help businessmen move faster in their own sector.

The smartest entrepreneurs won’t bother their creepiness as far as it’s worth the effort. So, are you ready to view them?


Guru is a collaborative knowledge management application that keeps a track on employees working on company apps. The apps are like Slack, Zendesk and Salesforce.

The company quotes that with it’s AI tech, “the knowledge you need finds you as you’re working. Freeing you up to focus on what you do best.”

They wish you think of the app as a “trusty sidekick–but with slightly less spandex.” It builds a knowledge base that helps in suggestions on the go. The app does things better and increases productivity.


Textio is an application that provides the feature of "augmented writing"

Textio is an application that provides the feature of “augmented writing” for its users. The company describes on their website that with each keystroke the system tends to get smarter.

It has the ability to predict communication of our thoughts in order to build a “positive training loop” between you and the bot.

With the app, “collective insights” will be delivered right when we need them. Just imagine you and tech together, dream team right?


Vymo is a smartphone app that uses a “variety of machine learning approaches” making suggestions for other prospects.

It helps users track salespeople wherever they are there and then. According to the company, it abstracts the best behaviour to coach the rest.

It helps in predicting the “next best actions” so that salespeople are able to grab all deals. Vymo will help people track their salespeople at all moments and keep all hindrances on the side. It will help them generate more efficient revenue.


gather conversations and data that can be used to coach sales and service people

Chorus.ai is an application that “plugs into” the popular video and helps gather conversations and data that can be used to coach sales and service people. It helps them answer questions based on previous experiences.

Coming to the app, there’s nothing creepy about it. It just listens to your conversations through videos and helps to coach. That’s it! So the app is a feasible one as it doesn’t require anything much than an online user.

Are these apps going to be successful or not?

All of these applications are being used by big firms such as the fast-food chain McDonald’s and travel giant Expedia. It will continue to expand this year more and more.

AI is transforming the office-based applications of the time and it’s not just about the software company anymore. The ones who will resist the tech will be left long behind and the ones adapting it will enjoy the benefits.


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