15 High Paying Jobs That Everyone Wants In 2020

This is something everyone wants to know about. What are the jobs that are going to rock the market this coming decade? It is important you know this thing because everyone needs a job and independence. High paying jobs, that’s what everybody craves for. 

But there is one more reason why you should read through this article – many jobs are going to disappear as well. Artificial Intelligence is being blamed for this because everything is being digitized today. 

But instead of blaming the new technology, it’s better we adapt to it. Why? Because not only some old jobs will disappear, but some new ones will emerge as well. Only these new jobs would need a different kind of expertise.

Artificial Intelligence experts

And who are these experts that new age and decade demands? Artificial Intelligence experts. 

There has been a 74% rise in the demands for Artificial Intelligence experts over the last five years. 74% in just five years!!

LinkedIn has released its 2020 list of top emerging jobs. So let’s have a look!

1. Product Owners

There has been a 25% annual growth in demand for the job of product owners. A product owner is responsible for working with a development team to increase the value of the product. 

The skills required for this job are Agile methodologies, scrum, product management, software development, and JIRA.

2. JavaScript Developers

JavaScript Developers

An annual increase of 25% in the demand of JavaScript developers in the last five years. 

You need to be skilled in React.js, Node.js, AngularJS, JavaScript and cascading stylesheets. 

3. Cloud Engineers

There has been an annual increase of 27% in the demands for cloud engineers in the last five years. 

You need to be skilled in Amazon Web Services, cloud computing, Docker products, Ansible, Jenkins. 

4. Chief Revenue Officers

 28% annual growth in the demands for Chief Revenue Officers has been noted in the past five years.

Skills required for this job are strategic partnerships, startups, software as a service (SaaS), go-to-market strategy, executive management.

5. Back end developers

A 30% annual growth has been seen in the demand of back end developers in the last five years. 

Skills required for this job are Node.js, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services, Git, MongoDB.

6. Cybersecurity specialists

Cybersecurity specialists

There has been a noted annual rise of 30% in the demands of cybersecurity specialists in the last five years.

Required skills for the post of cybersecurity specialists are cybersecurity, information security, network security. Vulnerability assessment.

7. Behavioural Health Technicians

Annual growth of 32% has been noted in the demands of behavioural health technicians in the last few years.

The skills required for this job are mental healthcare, hospital and healthcare, individual and family services, education management, health, wellness and fitness.

8. Data engineers

Data engineers

The annual growth in the demand for the jobs of the data engineers has been 33% in the past five years.

The unique skills required for the job are Apache Spark, Hadoop, Python, Extract/Transform/Load (ETL), Amazon Web Services.

9. Sales Development Representatives

The annual growth in the demand for Sales development representatives has been 34% in the last five years.

Required skills are Salesforce, cold calling, Software as a Service (SaaS), lead generation, sales.

10. Customer success specialists

Annual growth of 34% in the demand of customer success specialists in the past five years.

Required skills for this include Software as a Service (SaaS), Salesforce, customer relationship management, customer retention.

11. Site reliability engineers

This job has seen a 34% annual hike in demands in the past 5 years. 

Skills unique to this job are Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker products, Terraform.

12. Full-stack engineers

Full-stack engineers

Full-stack engineers have seen a hike of 35% in their demand in the last five years.

The required set of skills is React.js, Node.js, JavaScript, AngularJS, cascading style sheets.

13. Data scientists

Data Scientists have seen an annual hike of 37% in the demand in the last five years.

Also, the required skills for this job professional are machine learning, data science, Python, R, Apache Spark.

14. Robotics Engineers

There has been an annual growth of 40% in the demands of robotics engineers in the past five years.

The skills you would require to take this job include robotic process automation, UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, Robotics.

15. Artificial Intelligence Specialists

Artificial Intelligence Specialists

And here we are at the top of the pyramid! Artificial Intelligence specialists have seen record growth of 74% in demand over the past five years. Not much surprising, eh?

And the skills you need to ace this role are machine learning, deep learning, TensorFlow, Python, natural language processing. So here are the most demanded jobs of the new decade. 


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