14 Great Tech Products That Were Non-Existent a Decade Back

Great Tech Products

Life was very different 10 years back. We didn’t have phone apps to order cabs at our doorstep, couldn’t check people’s lives on Instagram, or even answer emails. Now, we have great tech products that define our lives.

Several amazing products have arrived in the past decade that has changed our lives in many ways. Let’s come across these great tech products that have helped us since 2009.

1. Pinterest


It was launched in 2010. The app, which helps us search things across all genres, got famous because of its convenient ‘pinboard’ feature. People can save whatever they like and wish to view later on the same.

The app currently has more than 300 million users. It has also left just pinboard feature behind and launched a lot of new things. It is experimenting shopping links, learning abilities and camera suggestions both on the app and website.

Pinterest announced itself as a public venture in 2019 and is currently a $10 billion company.

2. iPad

When Steve Jobs announced the launch of the iPad nearly a decade back, he explained the product as, “The best browsing experience you’ll ever have.” He also said, “It’s unbelievably great. Way better than a laptop, way better than a smartphone.”

The first iPad cost around $499 to $829. But the prices and features have increased ever since. Let’s say in the year 2019, Apple launched a new iPad 10.2 inch, iPad Air and the iPad Mini.

3. Square


Twitter co-founder came out with the idea of Square in the year 2010. He announced the product after he came to know his friend couldn’t make a sale because he couldn’t process American Express cards.

Square came out as a mobile-payments service that accepts all credit cards with an app. The reader can plug to all smartphones.

4. 4G

Even though we think 4G arrived in market sectors around 4-5 years back, but it has crossed a decade in the market. It was an upgrade to the then-active 3G and promised better qualitative connections.

HTC Evo was the first 4G phone that came out in March 2010, way before we even adapted 4G. Later that year, Samsung launched its 4G model in June. Verizon gave a 4G model in December 2010. The latest adaptation of 4G was done by Apple when it launched the iPhone 5 in 2012.

5. Instagram

The most addictive social media platform today actually was launched in October 2010. 25,000 people created new accounts on the first day. By 2011, Instagram was the App Store’s app of the year. Mark Zuckerberg then made a deal of $1 billion to buy the platform.

Instagram has over a billion existing users and has launched features such as live videos, stories, various face filters and has a full stream service, the IGTV.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat first launched itself in the summer of 2011. It came out as a messenger for sending and then disappearing photos. The name wasn’t initially Snapchat, but it was named as ‘Pictaboo’. Although it had the same ghost-body logo, it still wasn’t as famous.

It was later in September 2011 when the company changed the name to Snapchat. Soon after, the app began its hype in teenage groups. Six years later, Snapchat registered as a product of Snap Inc. and with a net worth of $22 billion and a public co.

7. Stripe


Stripe is an app aimed at disrupting online payments. The startup was officially launched in September 2011. Companies such as Target and NFL use this technology to power payments and benefit their websites and apps. The net worth of stripe is around $35 million.

8. Microsoft Surface

Microsoft launched new support to PC’s with Microsoft Surface in June 2012. The then CEO described it as, “a whole new family of computing devices from Microsoft.”

As of now, Microsoft has majorly expanded its Surface Lineup and offers several variations such as Surface Go, the Surface Studio and the Surface Book.

9. Slack


Slack is a work cum chat app launched in the year 2012. The app was first a web-based multiplayer game site, but it failed to set the mark. It was when the company found an app that companies could use to have a work-related chat in 2013.

Just recently the company went as a public venture listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

10. Lyft

The company was launched in 2012 as a carpool/ride-sharing app. The company was founded by John Zimmer and Logan Green. They earlier offered self carpooling rides and also campus sharing initiatives.

In 2019, the company registered its net worth of $13 billion. The company offers ride-sharing on scooters, bike share and also self-driven cars. After 7 years it has announced itself as a public co.

11. Oculus


Oculus VR started its journey from a garage in 2012. The founder Palmer Luckey launched the company by raising $2.5 million for the VR headset. Post raising $16 million through fundings, he sold the company for $2 billion to Facebook in 2014.

12. Amazon Echo

The company introduced its virtual device in 2014 with Alexa. Echo was first launched to play and stop the music just by your voice. But with time the product adapted various changes that people will like.

In 2019, it proved is that it can do a lot more than just playing music. The device can help you do shopping on Amazon, help in household activities and also answer random queries.

Amazon has also introduced a lot more echo devices for making everything smart based at your home.

13. Apple Watch

The first series was launched during an announcement in September 2014, but it didn’t start sales until 2015. It was a big milestone for the company as it was the first hardware crafted without the help of Steve Jobs after his death.

Although companies such as Samsung had launched the gear earlier, Apple changed the wearables industry. It reportedly owns 50% of the market share in this category currently.

14. AirPods


The product has its own hype in the market as wireless earbuds, and it doesn’t feel they’ve been in the market for just three years now. The buds were launched alongside the iPhone 7 series in 2016. Although people thought they would be available alongside phones, they were made available as a separate accessory.

Currently, there are two versions in the market currently, the AirPods and AirPods Pro. Analysts predict AirPods can become the company’s third-largest product by 2021.


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