10 Best WebSites to Read Free Books and Download it Free Of Cost

Books? For some, it might be the best companion they have ever got. Many people own a mini library in their house with their favorite books around. But having all the books they like is not likely for many. Buying more books will cause them a lot of money and burn the whole of their pocket money. However, the internet is for everyone. Book lovers can download ebooks easily and read them on their devices or systems easily on the go. Finding the correct site to download all the e-books might be difficult as there are many false websites. However, we have a list of top 10 websites who provide free e-books for people.

Here is a list of top 10 websites to download free e-books for everyone:

1. Open Library

Open Library aims to make a single website for all the books ever published on the internet. They have millions and millions of e-books present on their website in every category. They have a different format of the e-books like EPUB, PDF, DJVU, and MOBI. Open Library has a new search option which let the users search the e-books according to the title or authors. Moreover, if a person doesn’t remember either of those, they can search the book by quoting any line from the book.

Visit- OpenLibrary

2. Many Books

Many Books has nearly 33,000 e-books available on their website. If a person wants to read any bibliophiles, Many Books might be the correct location for it. They also have the e-books in different format like Open Library. It includes a recommended and featured column which assists the readers. Every e-book present on the website has a word count of the book which helps the users to find the most suitable book for them.

Visit- ManyBooks

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg consists of over 50,000 e-books for its users. They are a volunteer website hence does not charge any money for registration and does not require the users for signing up. They have different varieties of books along available in various formats including Kindle, HTML and so on.

Visit- ProjectGutenberg

4. Feedbooks

Feedbooks is one of the websites which has a neat interface for its users. They offer a lot of books on public domain topic. The page of the e-book contains various useful information like the synopsis, word count, publication date and so on. It also offers the e-book to be available in various formats like – PDF, MOBI, and EPUB.

Visit- FeedBooks

5. Free E-Books

“Read Anywhere, Anytime” is the tagline of the website which sums the description of the website. They offer a lot of e-books in fiction, non-fiction, academic and so on. The website’s UI might not be on par with others but it sure has good content to support it. But, one of the limitations of the website is that they allow only 5 free e-books to be downloaded in the PDF format.

Visit- FreeE-Books

6. Smashwords

Smashwords is one of the top websites having a collection of 4,75,000 e-books featuring Indian authors and their books. It offers e-books of publications and independent authors. They have priced e-books too so just select the free section and you’ll find a variety of books present there. They offer the e-books in EPUB, TXT, and PDF.

Visit- Smashwords

7. PDF Books World

As the name of the website goes, they offer free e-books in PDF format. They provide e-books which are under public domain status. The content is split into various categories where the user can download in the PDF format. They offer free membership and present direct download as they store all the files on their own server.

Visit- PDFbooksWorld

8. Bookyards

Bookyard contains various type of e-books on a different genre. Along with e-books, users can download audiobooks and listen to them. The users can download the e-books without any registration. Also, the site has options for users to donate if they wish to.

Visit- BookYards

9. Hathi Trust

Hathi Trust is formed as a result of the collaboration between various institutions and communities. They supply the e-books to the website which give them the users for free of cost. There are many research organizations of US and libraries which are a part of it. Users can read the books on the site or if they wish to download them, they need to register.

Visit- HathiTrust

10. Wikibooks

Wikibooks is a huge collection of non-fictional content. They are a part of NGO and have a lot of e-books in different categories. The UI is simple and hence the user can browse the website rather easily. The website allows the users to read the books online or download them on their devices. It is mostly suited for people who are looking for academic books.

Visit- WikiBooks


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