07 fears you need to bust before AI becomes a complete reality

There are many fears surrounded by the fact that AI is going to be a part of our lives soon. Some of the fears include jobs are taken away, intelligence-based machines over humans, etc. But maybe all these rumors are wrong, as these features from AI have all scopes of easing our lives. 

There are many ways AI is going to make our lives exciting and fun. It’s not going to take our jobs but make our very own jobs. The intentions behind AI are extremely pure, and not deployment.

Some of these advantages of AI are: 

1. Environment Protection 

Automated systems are under the process of analyzing environmental threats. AI software can detect decreasing biodiversity in the future. Also, the same software will provide solutions for conservative actions. 

With increasing environmental issues, this will help us reduce energy use. Google’s AI startup DeepMind has reduced its data energy usage by nearly 40%. They managed it by using learned data from the centers. 

Google’s TensorFlow Machine Learning system is open-source. Others can also use this technology to reduce their own energy use as well. 

2. Online world and reality protection 

Some of the companies have already started using AI to protect health records, financial transactions and many such safes kept data. It also has the ability to detect weak security spots before hackers can, thus preventing fraud. AI is the power government and companies needs for extra surveillance. 

With AI, militaries are also performing well. Lie detector AI machines are saving us from international threats online and in reality. AI robots and smart security cameras are protecting us from the real world. 

3. Ditch Fake News aside 

Increasing online trends are the reason behind the issue of Fake News. For us as humans, it has become tough for us to differentiate between fiction and reality. But AI can help us with that. There’s a system that can sample various news stories from many validated sources. 

Then with its algorithm, it can then construct an article consisting of only reality and ditch the fake facts aside. This can be the new fake news buster. A lot of research is going on in this field and the time is not far when we don’t have to doubt the article presented to us. 

4. New job vacancies 

Now the biggest myth behind AI, “It will snatch our jobs”. It’s highly incorrect as its opposite is going to happen. For us to know, AI can make record preservation easy, but it’s never going to make one to one interaction as its power.

Some abilities lie in humans only, so other segments might face issues, but people like journalists and marketing executives will never face this issue. 

Although this entire revolution will seem like the one where people left agriculture for the urban world, this won’t be very tough. With time people will adapt and yes, these automated machines will also need repairers and operators. 

5. Auto safety will increase and traffic will decrease 

Some people predict that with self-driven cars, accidents caused by humans can decrease by 90%. Thousands and lakhs of people die due to human fault accidents every year, and this automated feature will help us reduce them for sure. 

The AI field is under research for decreasing harsh traffic conditions. Systems are undergoing tests to analyze how traffic intersections can be managed in order to improve and ensure smooth traffic. With time, the process is ongoing to have no jams at all during morning hours and late evening hours. 

6. Agricultural Revolution 

Now this revolution may slightly affect agricultural outlooks, but farmers are ready to rely on these machines if they are cheaper alternatives. These machines can do everything from planting seeds to crop fertilization and pesticide sprinkling. 

Even drones are used in Agricultural work. They are used to monitor the crops and collecting the data. The data on soil conditions and crop health is analyzed to boost their growth in a monitored way. The main aim of launching AI in this sector was to harvest time intensive and difficult crops. 

7. Improving the health sector worldwide 

Highly professional doctors too faced issues in drawing complex diagrams as details can be missed at times. But with AI, it is going to become easier for them and also a great help to humanity.

AI can also easily differentiate between a tumor and cyst, so people don’t have to wait for the biopsy reports for days. A burn’s exact healing time can be determined by AI and also how fast the blood is circulating while a patient is suffering from a heart defect. 

AI is already paired with your smartphones for monitoring your health on a daily basis. Apple watches can easily detect issues with your heart just by investigating your nerve.

Treatments for diseases with less scope are under investigation as AI is trying to figure out new solutions. They have the ability to detect a lot of drugs in less time and cost than a lab professional takes. 


With all these machines features, do you still think AI can deteriorate your life? This is our production, only made to simplify our lives and not to toughen them. We need to adapt Science with time and trust the new things being developed so that we can have a new and fresher life.


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